About Us

Enterprise Culture

Cultural Golden Triangle

Core Value

Quality creates Future


Enterprise Mission

Caring for employees, achieving customers, benefiting society


Vision goal

Expert-level brand enterprise in the field of hydraulic engineering technology


Enterprise Connotation

From the traditional mechanical processing industry to a digital manufacturing enterprise.

Enterprise Development

From a rapid scale development model to a high-quality lean model, we pay more attention to employee experience and social benefits.

Enterprise Spirit

Healthy, honest, innovative, dedicated and collaborative

Enterprise Positioning

The overall positioning of the enterprise: to become an expert brand enterprise in the field of hydraulic engineering technology wherein the minds of customers and to be the champion of market segments;

Technical positioning:to be a cylinder expert in the field of hydraulic engineering technology and an expert in integrated system solutions;

Product positioning: hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic (electrical) integrated systems, hydraulic EPC engineering solutions, high-end cylinders and integrated systems;

Market Positioning: Focus on the market segmentation of hydraulic products and be the market segment champion;

A: Special purpose vehicle industry

B: Solid waste environmental protection industry

C: Rubber vulcanizing machinery industry

D: High-end agricultural machinery industry

E: Construction & Engineering machinery industry

F: Steel industry

Service Philosophy

A: Service Philosophy-one mother and one wife: always take the customer as the right, self-defeating, sincere, whole-process, understanding wife and loving mother service;

B: Service Commitment---Two Commitments: A reply within a quarter of an hour; Arrive at the fault site within 24 hours and solve the problem at one time;

C: Service pursuit-Three Minds: choose peace of mind, use peace of mind, and communicate comfortable of mind;

D: Service goal---Four Stand-up: can stand up to see, stand up to use, stand up to test, stand up to evaluation;

E: Service experience-Five Experiences: respect, honesty, safety, professionalism, value-added;

F: Service mentality: do ourself well, make every effort to achieve others, and create a better future together;

G: Service standard: customer trust is the only standard of service; the enterprise's service standard is upgraded to Five-One at the year of brand upgrading, there will be a reply within one-quarter of an hour, one plan within one hour, arriving at the customer site within one day, solving problems within a week, one-time Solve problems without repetition;

Talent Concept

Outstanding talents, cultivate talents, and develop together with the enterprise;

Innovative Ideas

One step faster to others will be the first one of whole journey;

Work Philosophy

A: Working principles: safety, quality, delivery time, cost;

B: Work standards: doing well the first time is more important than anything else;

C: Purpose of work: happiness in family life, pride in career success, satisfaction in achieving others;

Management Strategy

Customer-oriented, survival by quality, development by innovation, and advantage by management;


Management Goals

Improve quality, improve delivery, improve efficiency, and reduce costs;


Management Guidance

Customer-based management is effective management;


Management Process

Eight steps of management: standardized systems, definitive processes, definitive results, definitive methods, process supervision, immediate incentives, improved replication, and gradual advancement;


Management Structure

The four principles and three transformations: Kanbanization, templateization, and diagramming; there are processes for doing things, standards for execution, data for reporting, and records for work;


The connotation of brand upgrade

2020 is the year of Brand Upgrading for Yantai Future enterprise. The enterprise's brand is upgraded from FAST to FUTURE.

The far-reaching significance of Yantai's future brand upgrade

Brand upgrading is not only a change of image, we have to achieve four spans:

1. The color of the brand logo has spanned from Life Green to Tech Blue.

2. The enterprise's development has spanned from a tenacious growth period to a high-quality lean development period.

3. The business model has spanned from traditional machinery manufacturing companies to digital manufacturing companies.

4. The product structure spans from pneumatic, hydraulic, hydraulic-electric integrated products to hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric products with digital genes.

There are also five ascends that our products are pursuing:

1. High standards (the product will not expire within 5 years of use)

2. High performance (to be benchmarked with German and Japanese products)

3. High value-added (bringing value enhancement to customers)

4. High experience (on-time delivery, considerate service)

5. High appearance (the appearance of artwork)

2Brand upgrading

Our brand is inherited and upgrading, not just changing. The company name is not changed at all. The detailed explanation is as following:

- Inherited and upgrading

The brand "FAST" has accompanyed us for 20 years and we will inherit. At the time of 20 the Aniversary, we upgrade the company brand from "FAST" to "Future"

- Not just changing

We will not stop using the brand "FAST", but give it to the int'l trade department. That is to say, FAST brand is for the international marke useage, and FUTURE is for the domestic market. It's clearly divided and will not interfer with each other.

- The company name doesn't change.

We are the same company.

Trademark interpretation

Team, collaboration, foundation, speed, technology and future;

Focus on the development and manufacture of high-quality cylinders, and be an expert in cylinders


Focus on hydraulic and electric system integration solutions and be a system solution expert;
Focus on R&D and manufacturing of complete sets of hydraulic equipment;
Professionally provide EPC engineering general contracting services in the hydraulic field;
Adhere to professionalism, focus, and experts, and become a enterprise trusted by customers.

Caring for Employees

Contribute to the lives of employees with a warm mind;


Achiveing Customer

Contribute to customer needs with a sincere mind;


Benefitng Society

To make contributions to social development with a broad mind

Advocate rule culture, respect culture, fault-tolerant culture, service culture, collaborative culture


Respect Culture

Respect employees, respect everyone around you, and make people around you feel comfortable;

Tolerant Culture

It is allowed to make mistakes, and the mistakes made in the process of innovation should be encouraged and tolerated;;

Service Culture

For what you think, for your pleasure, to help and achieve others to obtain inner satisfication;

Collaborative Culture

Work together to solve problems, achieve goals, and generate the effect of 1 + 1> 2;

Rule Culture

Revere the rules, obey the rules, and uphold the rules;

Yantai Future Core values
Quality Creates Future

Yantai Future-Create "Quality" Life for Employees
Yantai Future-Establish an enterprise based on quality and continuously creates valuation for customers
Yantai Future-Committed to becoming a bee-type enterprise with a high rate of return to society