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Products are widely used in municipal sanitation, living garbage processing, special vehicles, rubber, metallurgy, military industry, Marine engineering, agricultural machinery, textile, electricity, chemical industry, engineering machinery, forging machinery, casting machinery, machine tools and other industries, with major enterprises, colleges and universities has established good relations of cooperation, with excellent quality and thoughtful service has won widespread praise.

In 1980, it became one of the core suppliers of Baosteel Joint Research and Development Center. In 1992, we started to cooperate with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan in the production of oil cylinders. From the production of spare parts to the assembly of oil cylinders, we inherited Japanese technologies and processes. After entering the 21st century, it has absorbed the technology and process from Germany and The United States. It has unique technology and skills from product design to production process and design and selection of key parts, which ensures the quality, reliability and innovative development of products.

The hydraulic and electrical system integration solution of The hydraulic double-die tire vulcanizing press

Hydraulic double - mold tire qualitative vulcanizing press system is the most important supporting equipment used in the hydraulic vulcanizing press for vulcanizing the outer tire of hollow tire.


It is mainly suitable for oblique tire and radial tire vulcanizing machine, through the hydraulic and electrical control system to realize automatic tire loading, shaping, vulcanizing, tire unloading and other processes.


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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution F or plate vulcanizer

The hydraulic system of the plate vulcanizer is the matching of the production line of the rubber plate vulcanizer


Including: main engine station, support Zhang Li station, support stretch station, forming station, pull machine station, joint vulcanizing machine station, repair machine station, stage station, etc.

According to customer requirements for design and production, has designed and produced for Dalian rubber and plastic currently the largest plate vulcanizing machine hydraulic system.

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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution For rubber calender

The hydraulic system of rubber calender is used for rubber calender equipment to control the action of pre-load cylinder, split bearing cylinder, roller removing sleeve balancing cylinder and other cylinders.


The system adopts the accumulator to maintain the pressure, and realizes the automatic supplement of the pressure through the detection and transmission of the pressure sensor. The long holding time and the infrequent starting of the motor extend the service life of the components, reduce the heating capacity of the system and reduce the energy consumption. The system is equipped with a variety of display and safety components, the pressure of each key position is clear, where hydraulic impact is likely to be set up a safety valve.


Main valve parts of the system adopt imported parts, small leakage, long life, to ensure the smooth operation of the whole system.

· Working pressure:20MPa

· System flow: 11.5L/min

·Motor power:5.5KW,AC380V,50Hz

· 5/5000 Electromagnetic valve voltage:DC24V

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Integrated solution of hydraulic and electrical system of Tire range testing machine

Our company for the supporting tire drum testing machine is a single motor, single drum, simplex engineering tire testing machine. The tyre is loaded on one side of the simplex drum and rotates at a constant speed with the drum.


The tire testing machine provides the tire durability test under the condition of straight motion and straight slip Angle. And can do the tire indentation test and puncture test. The drum diameter is 7 meters, which is the largest tire drum tester in China.


The loading cylinder control loop adopts the closed-loop control scheme of constant pressure source + proportional pressure reducing valve + force feedback, which can realize the stepless change of loading force, before the test tire guide drum contact. The piston rod extends rapidly (flow control) and slowly after the test tyre contacts the drum (pressure control).


The control loop of slip Angle cylinder and dip Angle cylinder adopts the closed-loop control scheme of constant pressure source + solenoid valve, speed regulating valve + position feedback, which can realize the position control of piston rod.

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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution for Distance adjustment device of two-roll mixer

The hydraulic system of the distance adjustment device of the two-roll mixer is specially developed and matched for the two-roll mixer of various sizes. It is mainly used to adjust the distance between two rollers and has the function of intelligent retreat. The two cylinders with built-in magnetostrictive displacement sensors are connected to the moving roller, and the displacement of the two cylinders is controlled by the intermittent oil supply of the electromagnetic directional valve, so as to control the distance between the rollers.

Advantages of hydraulic pitch adjustment

· The roller distance can be set remotely and the roller distance can be adjusted continuously with material

· The pressure sensor is used to sense the tension of the extruding material. When the hard foreign body enters the roller, it can realize the emergency retreat, avoid the injury of the stick, and save the broken pieces

· It can be made into a continuous production line with multiple open refining units, and the discharging speed is greatly accelerated.

Main technical parameters

·Rated pressure:25MPa

· Rated flow basin:16L/min

·Motor power:7.5KW

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Hydraulic and electrical system integration solution for
Tire forming machine

The hydraulic system of large engineering tire forming machine is applied in large engineering tire forming machine and has been supplied for customers in small quantities. The integrated supply range of hydraulic system covers hydraulic system, pipeline, oil bar and other products, providing customers with a full set of hydraulic system solutions.

The main features

Two pumps each feed oil to a set of loops to control the action of the oil cylinder of the forming machine button ring and the action of pulling the ring oil bar; Under special circumstances, the double pump can be used as backup for each other and the speed can be halved. It can reduce the probability of downtime without increasing the cost. YUKRN valve imported, domestic valve, 380V motor and 415V motor and other configurations, to meet the various requirements of customers.

· System pressure: 8Mpa

· System flow:60L/min x 2

· Motor power:11KW x 2

·Solenoid valve voltage:DC24V

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The hydraulic system solution of tire
Retouching vulcanizer

The hydraulic system of tire retouching vulcanizer is designed according to the action requirements of the hydraulic tire retouching vulcanizer, which controls the action of the opening and closing oil cylinders and the after-loading oil cylinders, and is different from the hydraulic system of tire retouching vulcanizer.


The system adopts the combination of high and low pressure pumps to realize the fast no-load operation and slow pressurization action of the afterload cylinder. The rodless chamber of the afterburner cylinder is provided with a pre-relief valve to reduce the instant impact and vibration of the afterburner cylinder's return journey. The rodless chamber is also equipped with a pressure sensor, which can detect the pressure at any time when pressurizing and maintaining the pressure and send signals and make up the pressure to ensure the required added pressure.


· System pressure: 5MPa/ 17MPa low pressure

· Oil pump flow: low pressure 200L/min/ high pressure 1.9l /min

· Oil pump motor power: low pressure pump 22KW/ high pressure pump o.75kW

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Tire vulcanizing machine transformation, mechanical Upgrade hydraulic solutions

Product highlights

The proportional pump is used to control the pressure and flow of the system, which can provide the pressure and flow as needed and realize the energy saving control of the system.

Through the flow control of proportional pump, the precise positioning of the upper ring cylinder (with displacement sensor) of the central mechanism can be realized, and the positioning accuracy can reach LMM.

After special noise reduction treatment, the noise is less than 70dB in load operation and less than 6Odb in no-load operation.

The main components are imported well-known brands, and the system configuration has reached the leading level in China.

The cleanness of the hydraulic system can reach NAS7 to ensure the stable operation of the system;

The traditional mechanical tire vulcanizing machine has been successfully reformed to improve the automation degree of equipment and vulcanizing quality of tires.

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