Aerial Work Platform Industry

Hydraulic solutions for aerial
working vehicle industry

Widely used in construction, decoration, electric power, municipal and large industrial and mining enterprises construction, installation, maintenance and other aerial work occasions.

In 1980, it became one of the core suppliers of Baosteel Joint Research and Development Center. In 1992, we started to cooperate with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan in the production of oil cylinders. From the production of spare parts to the assembly of oil cylinders, we inherited Japanese technologies and processes. After entering the 21st century, it has absorbed the technology and process from Germany and The United States. It has unique technology and skills from product design to production process and design and selection of key parts, which ensures the quality, reliability and innovative development of products.

Folding arm series of truck
arane solutions

Mainly used in urban and rural construction, road and bridge official website construction, landscaping projects, power equipment installation and small and medium-sized water conservancy construction and other aspects.

In 2003 the company began to enter the sanitation (municipal) vehicles and equipment for the oil cylinder, hydraulic electric system integration of production, in 2008 established the first domestic multi-stage cylinder dedicated production line, formed the annual output of 10000 production and processing capacity of multi-grade oil cylinder, the sanitation (municipal) vehicles and equipment makers provide chassis one-piece waste compression station, buried compression tips, vertical compression tips, arm hook, compressed car, swing arm, sweep road car, swill car a total of eight series of standard oil cylinder and hydraulic electric system integration products.

The company now has an annual production capacity of 200,000 oil cylinders, 2,000 sets of hydraulic and electrical system integration, and 100,000 cylinders. At present, hydraulic pneumatic products have more than 100 series, more than 1000 specifications.

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