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To build Future with the spirit of competition

Building the future

To build Future with the spirit of competition
Forty-eight years ago, Yantai Future started with pneumatic components.

Today,Yantai Future has grown into a high-tech enterprise integrating hydro-electric integrated control technology and high-end gas control technology industry, and is a high-end brand cultivation enterprise in the manufacturing industry of Shandong Province. Our enterprise has 3 factories, and its overseas business covers Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Oceania and all corners of the world.

Yantai Future will continue to optimize its product structure with the goal of creating customer value. The industries that we served mainly include: special purpose vehicles, solid waste environmental protection, rubber machinery, high-end agricultural machinery, construction machinery, metallurgy, military industry, etc., focusing on deep-growing industries, and has become the market champion in sub-sectors such as sanitation vehicles and waste incineration power generation.

Since its establishment in 1973, our enterprise has always adhered to technological innovation as its nuclear power, and established cooperative relationships with industry leading companies and scientific research institutions, creating a team of experts at the forefront of industry technology and creating the enterprise's unique technological comparative advantages. We provide customers with customized system solutions in the field of high-end hydraulic and pneumatic engineering technology, continue to achieve customers and promote the development of the industry.In the 20 years since the establishment of Yantai Future restructuring, our biggest motivation is talents. The input of talents not only promotes career growth but also greatly strengthens the development of corporate culture. We believe that competition and challenges on the basis of flexibility and principles will bring our enterprise closer to Future.

Out of the constant trust and love that customers have given us, our feedback is to provide customers with better products and services. We adhere to the core value of Quality creates Future, and practice the concept of Always take the customer as yes, take ourself as no Sincere, whole process, fast service like an understanding wife and a loving mother.

Yantai Future provides education sharing for scientific research institutions, establish solid cooperative relations with leading companies in the industry, honestly perform corporate social responsibilities, and implement responsible management. We will continue to carry out various social contribution activities and will develop into an enterprise that shares more with the society and grows together.

With a global mind, down-to-earth, innovative thinking, and integration of resources, Yantai Future is moving steadily towards the goal of "becoming an expert-level brand enterprise in the field of hydraulic engineering technology". We will work harder to create a technological innovation, healthy and happy for customers and society Digital modern manufacturing enterprises go all out!

Quality creates Future!

President of Yantai Future Automatic Equipments Co.LTD